Back to School Checklist

To start the school year off right, your child needs to have a professional eye exam.

A comprehensive exam by a qualified eye care professional is key to discovering children's vision difficulties before they result in low grades. Parents and teachers should watch for the signs listed below to detect possible vision problems.

  • Squinting, closing or covering one eye, excessive blinking or rubbing of the eye.
  • Dislike and avoidance of close work, short attention span; frequent daydreaming.
  • Placing head close to a book when reading; losing place while reading.
  • Complains if headaches, nausea and dizziness; excessive clumsiness.
  • Turning or tilting the head to one side.

If you or others that have contact with your child note any of these symptoms, your child should be taken to an eye care professional for an exam.

Things Parents Should Know

Young children with vision problems do not know the world is not the way they see it. They may never have seen clearly and do not have any way of knowing their vision is not normal.

Also vision problems are treated more successfully during the growth and development of the child's visual system. By the time children reach school age, their visual system has completed its development, so a delayed eye exam may result in the need for increased correction.